Adorable Bookworm Loves Hearing Mom Read, But Has Cutest Meltdown Every Time Story Ends.

We’ve told you before about the power of reading to children, and we’ve shown you an example of a great reader– this uncle who gives his niece the most animated story time ever! In the video below, a mom reads  to her baby son, Emmett, and Emmett cannot get enough of  her reading aloud!

At first, Emmett happily sits on the floor and listens to Mom. He looks at the book, looks at her… he’s clearly very engaged, especially for such a tiny baby! But when the book comes to a close, and Mom says “The End,” Emmett’s attitude shifts in a major way!

Almost immediately, he’s in tears. He rolls onto his face and sobs into the carpet. The cutest part is when he grabs the book like he’s going to hand it back to her or just read it for himself!

But Mom can’t help but smile… seconds later we see why! It turns out, this is a regular (maybe even nightly) scenario. It doesn’t matter who is reading, little Emmett can’t stand to to see the end of a book!

This little guy is clearly going to grow up to be an avid reader!

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