A Chemical In This Deodorant Brand Was Just Linked To Cancer — And It’s Causing Men To Grow Breasts

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By the time most of us hit puberty, we’ve grown accustomed to using deodorant daily. While it’s one of the more common products found in our households,  that doesn’t mean that we know exactly what’s in the stuff we’re rubbing on our bodies.

With ad campaigns suggesting that by simply using the product, men will become irresistible to women, you’d think that Axe deodorant and body spray would be the perfect solution to every problem in the male world. However, recent research reveals that Axe contains chemicals that have been linked to cancer and breast tissue growth in men. This list contains the concerning chemicals found in this popular product.

Endocrine Disruptors


Endocrine disruptors are synthetic chemicals. When applied to the human body, they have similar effects as hormones and can even result in men growing breasts, slowing metabolism, lead to obesity, and cause prostate cancer.

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