87 Early Warning Signs You Have a Hormone Out of Balance (and how to tell WHICH one)

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Hormones regulate your body—each one sends signals to your organs which regulates your mood, energy levels, weight, temperature, and so many other aspects of your health. Often, what our hormones do for us aren’t appreciated or even recognized, until they stop working. When they’re not working as well as they should be, so many problems occur.

How are hormones produced?

Hormones are produced by our body’s major endocrine glands like the brain (more specifically, the hypothalamus and pineal and pituitary glands), thyroid, adrenals, reproductive glands and pancreas, among many others.

How it all works

It’s all about having the right balance. Hormone levels can’t be too high or too low, they mustbe at just the right level in order to operate efficiently. Otherwise, hormonal imbalances can lead to a myriad of health issues.

Mainstream medicine typically runs basic labs for hormone health. If your labs don’t come back “normal,” you’re typically given synthetic hormone medications that typically have side effects. If those labs come back “normal” and you’re still experiencing symptoms, you may be told you’re depressed, getting old, or are overweight.

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