7-Year-Old Girl’s ‘Bug Bite’ Keeps Getting Worse, So She Goes To The Hospital. That’s When Doctors Discover It Isn’t A Bug Bite At All

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7-Year-Old Girl

Photo Copyright ©2016 Amalia Spilman/Kidspot


A 7-year-old girl’s small “mosquito bite” actually turned out to be a deadly flesh-eating ulcer. Keep reading for more details!

A little girl is lucky to be alive after her parents discovered that her “mosquito bite” was actually a flesh-eating ulcer.

7-year-old Mia Spilman had a wonderful vacation with her family near the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, but when they returned home she couldn’t help but notice the giant bug bite on her leg.

“She was scratching away and it became red and raw so we went to the doctors and she was given a course of antibiotics but it didn’t improve.” Mia’s mother, Amalia, told Kidspot.

The antibiotics only seemed to make the painful itch worse, and soon Mia had to be taken to the hospital to find out what was going on with her leg.

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