21 Photos That Will Freak You Out Once You Spot It.

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Before you take a look at the images below, you’re going to want to splash water onto your face, rub out your eyes, and grab your reading glasses — whatever you’ve got to do to be maximally prepared to squint. That’s because all of these images look relatively normal, but when you look closer, it turns out that, well, they’re not. They’re the opposite of normal. In fact, they’re downright weird. Some of them might even scare you. Fear not, though: Some of them are guaranteed to simply make you LOL.

From strange animal camouflage to spooky snapshots to hands that don’t seem to be attached to any human body, these are the photos that will make you look, look closer, and then scratch your head in confusion. We’re not sure how any of them can be real, but they are: #19 is proof that Mother Nature is a skilled magician who knows exactly what she’s doing.

#1. This can’t be normal.

Somebody better call the Exorcist, because this guy’s hand has seen the devil.

This can't be normal.

#2. She seems calm.

Maybe she doesn’t know that a deranged child is riding along with her?

She seems calm.

#3. This isn’t terrifying at all.

That moment when you try to take a selfie and your local ghost tries to photobomb you.

This isn't terrifying at all.

#4. They thought it was a beach pic…

But they had no idea that they’d capture something sinister lurking in the grass.

They thought it was a beach pic...

#5. Once you see it…

You’ll know just how committed to a good photo Uncle Joe really is.

Once you see it...

#6. At first, we thought it was twins.

But something about this photo just doesn’t add up.

At first, we thought it was twins.

#7. There’s one-too-many hands in this photo.

Seriously: Who the hell is actually holding that coffee?

There's one-too-many hands in this photo.

#8. Here’s a strange mirror trick.

Are you scared yet? Us too.

Here's a strange mirror trick.

#9. These two know how to blend in.

But were they the ones to put the snout-sized hole in the fence?

These two know how to blend in.

#10. More hand confusion.

There seems to be an extra arm in a very scandalous place.

More hand confusion.

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