5 Tricks To Boost Your Pokemon That Are As Good As Old School Cheats

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So Pokemon GO has been with us a little while now and most of us should have mastered the basics if not then check out our earlier article on becoming a Pokemon master from the start by clicking here! Now you are all up to speed, there are some tips and tricks that the most advanced users employ in order to level up quicker and get their hands on stronger and more exotic Pokemon. Here we take you through these 5 tips and explain why they’re so invaluable.

1. Pidgey Stacking

You can use this technique with any Pokemon but Pidgey is the most plentiful and readily available, hence the name. By catching a bunch of these easily found, low-level Pokemon, you just store them up until you are positively swamped by them. Then, use a lucky egg, which will double your XP and begin evolving them before trading them in. Obviously, you need to get the trade/evolve balance right so you have enough candies to keep going but it will rocket your level right up and allow you to catch higher level Pokemon in the long run.



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