5 Things You Should Never Say to Anxious or Depressed People

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Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand. What many people don’t realize is that people aren’t just anxious because they worry too much. And depressed people aren’t just sad for the sake of being sad.

It’s often something they have no control over. It’s often a mental illness that they struggle to deal with constantly.

I’ve witnessed the pain, frustration, and sadness that comes from fighting mental illness. It’s a terrible combination, feeling like you’re completely helpless and unable to do anything, while simultaneously worrying about needing to do something all the time. They’re contradicting ideals, and they make you want to scream.

It’s something that they struggle with. Every. Day.

If you know someone who struggles with depression or anxiety, here are five things you should avoid saying to them, because they’re tired of hearing them:

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