24-Year-Old Man Quits His Job To Hunt Pokemon Full Time

You read that right. A fully grown adult has just quit his big-boy job to become a Pokemon hunter.

And no, it’s not a paid position. He’s just doing it for the love of Pokemon. It may sound silly, but Tom Currie’s reasoning might change your mind.

‘I wanted to have an adventure,’ he told the Guardian, after deciding to dedicate the next two months to Pokemon Go.

‘I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokemon gave me the chance to live that dream.’

Well, we can all relate to you on that one, Tommo.

Mr Currie, originally from from Auckland, New Zealand, has already managed to catch 90 of the 151 monsters after booking 20 bus trips around the country this week.



It hasn’t been too expensive for him as he’s been staying on mates’ sofas and in hostels, but we do wonder what exactly he’ll do when he runs out of dolla.

“I think the most exciting experience so far was in Sumner, Christchurch, which has become a hot spot for Pokémon hunters,

There were about 100 people there hunting. And some of these people would usually be shut up at home and really reclusive. Hunting for Pokémon is bringing them into the real world. It was such a buzzy atmosphere, when someone spotted a rare Pokémon they would shout out to alert the crowd.”

But, instead of judging him, the internet should probably be supporting his endeavours. Has anyone started a GoFundMe yet? No? Shocker.

And if the PR people at any big travel companies are reading this, just think how trendy your company would look if you helped this guy out.

#You’reWelcomeTom #WeHaveYourBack

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