20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect

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Routine tests are not that efficient when it comes to preventing cancer. Learn how to listen to your body. Notice every change, every sign that may indicate that something is wrong. Here are 20 important signs that women often overlook:


1.Short breath/wheezing – This is a sign of lung cancer

2.Chronic cough/chest pain –  A persistent cough may be a sign of various cancer types, such as tumors and leukemia.  Lung cancer causes pain in the chest which spreads to the shoulder and the arm.

3.Frequent fever and infection – These may indicate leukemia, a kind of cancer that attacks blood cells and develops in the bone marrow. The marrow produces abnormal white blood cells and affects the body’s ability to fight infections.

4.Difficulty swallowing – Problems with swallowing are often associated with esophageal, throat, and lung cancer.

5.Swelling in lymph nodes, neck, armpits and groin– These enlarged nodes mean the lymph system is affected and could be cancer.

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