16 Things Everyone Should Know About Women

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In your day to day life you will come across a certain type of male; he is the type that thinks he knows everything there is to know about womanhood – I am calling BS on this one.

Even if you are in a long term relationship and you and your girlfriend are ridiculously open with one another, there are still some concepts that you will just never be able to grasp. It may be because she doesn’t ever fully tell you everything to the extent that it exists, or it could be just because you couldn’t possibly comprehend certain factors because, well, you have a penis and not a vagina.

I will put my hands up and say that this goes both ways, woman to man, there are certain things we will never be able to understand ladies; as I am sure through the dating game you will have already discovered. Even having grown up with four older brothers and then living with four boys at uni, there’s a prominent line where the understanding just stops.

As many men will have discovered by now, some women don’t communicate fully all the time, if ever. There will be certain vocabulary she uses and tones she takes that you should probably be aware of. But its not just communication this boils down to, there are plenty of other examples also.

1. If she is wearing matching and nice underwear: the sex wasn’t your decision 


2. If you’re complaining about sneezing mid pee, try having your period when you’ve got hay-fever


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