10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You STOP Having $ex

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There’s many reasons your sex life may have hit a brick wall. Maybe you’re going through a breakup. Perhaps you or your partner has been sick. Or maybe it’s just life, kids, work, or travel getting in the way.

A few days can turn into weeks or months, and before you know it, you haven’t had sex in so long that you kind of stop missing it. Except, not having it has just become your new normal.

We all go through our sexual ruts from time to time. And while they suck in the respect that we’re not getting any and we’re bitter about it, it turns out that our body is having very REAL reactions to the lack of nookie.

Some of those reactions are pretty intense. From mental issues like decreased concentration and feeling sad, to lack of libido, to increased risk for health issues, lack of sex is about a lot more than being horny.

So next time that guy you’re dating tells you he will DIE if he doesn’t get with you, he may not be a liar. He’s still probably an assh*le, but he may be an honest one. Here are ten things that can happen to you if you stop having sex.

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